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Essential experiences in Mérida | What places to visit?

Anyone planning a short break to one of Spain’s most extraordinary, beautiful and best-conserved areas must decide on Extremadura. This vast expanse of land beyond the River Tagus offer tourists a unique chance to stay at a rural hotel in one of its two provinces and to explore the hundreds of areas of huge ecological and cultural wealth it has to offer. Ranging from monuments of incalculable value to small villages in areas of outstanding natural beauty—Extremadura has it all.

The Spanish region of Extremadura is not just the two cities of Cáceres and Badajoz. There are many highly recommendable places to visit, including the towns of Mérida and Trujillo—the latter boasting an impressive cultural offering with a large number of churches, a stunning main square, small palaces and an interesting historical centre. Another equally valuable tourist destination is the town of Plasencia, whose beautiful cathedrals, its ancient wall and aqueduct make it a place of considerable cultural interest. Visitors to Extremadura should make sure they visit the Jerte Valley, at its most splendid in Spring when the cherry trees that blanket the valley are in bloom. Extremadura offers tourists a range of picturesque and truly magnificent locations, as well as natural areas of enormous value, unlike any others in Spain.